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How to maintenance blow molding machinery equipment daily ?

1. Before the machine is begin to work,first to clean the machine, keeping the mold clean and maintain at the time of start work and end work.

2. Before power on the machine will check the power supply,air pressure,water ok or not.

3. When the machine starts to check the coherence of security measures, such as test grating, emergency stop working correctly.

4. Correctly check the machine lamps, lighting devices, if  damage to change in time.

5. Check whether there is air leakage or leakage in a coherent device.

6. Before work, machine for test to check whether there is need to add lubricating oil.

7. The machine starts running warm-up for half an hour first, after a period of operation, if there is no problem, and then the official entry into the production.

8. Before the start of production, to check whether the various parts of the machine, if found loose parts should timely for reinforcement.To avoid adverse consequences.  

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