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2016 Technical characteristics of blow molding machine industry analysis

According to blow molding machine industry technical analysis in China , China has the world's second largest consumption of plastic, plastics machinery and socially owned production volume ranking first in the world now, but because much of the population of 1.3 billion in China, China's average annual per capita consumption the amount of plastic is still at a very low level, this huge contrast both cases shows that China has made great achievements in the development of the plastics industry, but also indicates the future development of China's plastics machinery industry, in particular, blow molding machine industry and there is still a vast space a bright future. Now an analysis of 2016 of blow molding machine industry technical features.


Since the rapid development of blow molding machines are used in all walks of life, thanks to its long life, greater clamping force, oil-free air bag technology and toggle clamping force into operation less convenient and more tight and sealing technology and easier to operate, distinctive features and highlights more reliable PLC touch screen material. By the industry as a whole is a dynamic analysis, we can more clearly recognize that a large blow molding machine industry development direction.


Blow molding machine market research report shows that currently popular on the market, mainly in plastic packaging, paper-based, plastic film blowing machine blow molding industry based on the market share of large, but with the requirements of the paper industry increasingly strict, new environmentally friendly energy index increased threshold for the paper industry, resulting in the cost of paper packaging market to expand, prices. This makes plastic packaging market share in the corresponding increase, stimulated the development of blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry, and environmentally friendly energy technologies in blowing machines for the industry to get attention, to promote the film blowing machine forward to the high-end level.


Innovation is the eternal driving force for sustainable development, innovation meaning plastic film blowing machine manufacturer to understand, not only about technology and product innovation, further comprising a management system and corporate culture, a broader, deeper meaning. Under the macroeconomic environment and market demand structure have undergone significant changes in the background, plastic blowing machine manufacturer innovation and new face has entered a new stage of development, production more in line with market demand for products and services.




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